LBS’ Centre for Public Sector Governance, Accountability and Performance (CPSGAP) aims to improve public sector performance and the capacity of public sector managers and regulators to carry out their tasks. Professor Zahirul Hoque, director of CPSGAP, and other members of the Centre conduct interdisciplinary research into various areas in the public sector around six main themes: Governance, Accountability, Financial Management, Strategy, Risk Management and Performance Management.

Read about CPSGAP’s recent grant, research and publication successes, and some of the upcoming events the Centre is organising.


Professor Zahirul Hoque and Dr Esin Ozdil received a grant from the Accounting and Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand for a pilot project to examine the role of performance audits in ensuring stewardship and accountability in Australian government entities.

International collaborations

Last month, Professor Zahirul Hoque delivered a speech on accountability in the healthcare sector at the Emerging Health Policy Research Conference, organised by the University of Sydney Menzies Centre for Health Policy. The speech was based on research conducted with Professor Manuela S. Macinati and Dr Marco Giovanni Rizzo at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Italy.

Medical managers’ accountability and performance

Since ancient times, the concept of ‘accountability’ has been a fundamental issue for organisations in the public and private sectors and society in general. In his speech, Zahirul discussed how a decade old concept became an issue for professional medical managers in an Italian hospital, with an important role in the association between medical managers’ work commitment and performance. Practically, enhanced knowledge of the current state of accountability practices in an Italian hospital will benefit global clinical professionals and external stakeholders when making organisational decisions, including performance measurement.


The CPSGAP has a couple of events coming up.

Seminar and book launch – Nonprofits cost management

Cost accounting and cost management tools are considered a means to provide adequate and quality information for management control for all sorts of organisations, including nonprofits. The seminar examines the current costing and cost management practices in the Australian nonprofit sector.

The research behind the seminar has led to a book titled “Cost management for nonprofit and voluntary organisations”, written by Professor Zahirul Hoque and Dr Tarek Rana. The book offers insight into how nonprofit and voluntary organisations control and manage costs of their operation and projects through cost accounting and cost management tools using empirical evidence from the Australian nonprofit sector.

Book cover: Cost management for nonprofit and voluntary organisations

The official book launch will take place on the 22th of November 2019, from 3 pm to 5 pm at the La Trobe City Campus, Level 2, 360 Collins Street, Melbourne, Room 2.10. Find more info about the seminar and the book launch here.

Annual Public Sector Symposium – Accountability and governance

The CPSGAP Annual Public Sector Symposium showcases research on emerging issues in the public sector. This year’s key themes are ‘Accountability, Ethics, Governance and Performance Management‘ which are shaping public debates across the globe.

At the moment CPSGAP is calling for papers. Those interested have until the 30th September 2019 to submit a brief synopsis of a paper. The full paper is due by 15 November 2019.

The CPSGAP Annual Public Sector Symposium will take place on the 2nd of December 2019 at the La Trobe City Campus, Level 2, 360 Collins Street, Melbourne. Find more info about the symposium here.


There have also been some great research articles published the last year:

  • Ozdil, E., & Hoque, Z. (2019). Accounting as an engine for the re‐creation of strategy at a university. Accounting & Finance.
  • Rana, T., Hoque, Z., & Jacobs, K. (2019). Public sector reform implications for performance measurement and risk management practice: insights from Australia. Public Money & Management, 39(1), 37-45.
  • Zawawi, N. H. M., & Hoque, Z. (2019). The Implementation and Adaptation of the Balanced Scorecard in a Government Agency. Australian Accounting Review.
  • Pawsey, N., Ananda, J., & Hoque, Z. (2018). Rationality, accounting and benchmarking water businesses: An analysis of measurement challenges. International Journal of Public Sector Management, 31(3), 290-315.

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