At the 2018 Innovation in Food and Agribusiness Forum, Professor Tony Bacic, Director of the La Trobe Institute of Agriculture & Food, provided an overview of Australia’s agriculture sector, its research, production and institutional challenges, and global opportunities.

About Tony

Tony is internationally recognised as a leader in plant biotechnology. His research is focused on the structure, function and biosynthesis of plant cell walls and their biotechnological application as well as the application of functional genomics tools in biological systems.
From 1996 to 2017, Professor Bacic held a Personal Chair in the School of BioSciences at the University of Melbourne, was Leader of the Australian Research Council (ARC) Centre of Excellence in Plant Cell Walls team at the University of Melbourne (2011-2017), and also spent time as Deputy Director of that Centre, and Director of the Plant Cell Biology Research Centre at the School of BioSciences. Tony is a current Board Member of the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria. Tony is a James Cook University Outstanding Alumnus (2010) and a La Trobe University Distinguished Alumnus (2013).

La Trobe Institute of Agriculture & Food

Besides the future of agricultural production and science systems, Tony talks about the La Trobe Institute of Agriculture & Food (LIAF). The LIAF’s aim is to tackle the issues of growing enough food to meet future world demand and exploring the benefits of medicinal agriculture. This includes a focus on crop diversification and changing diets and research that considers the crop plant environment (e.g. Golden Soil), identifies innovative methods for improved production of specialty grains (e.g. Fit-for-Purpose Seeds) and develops enhanced nutritional quality and medicinal benefits (e.g. Quality Dietary Fibre and medical marijuana).

Please enjoy Tony’s presentation.

This blog is part of the LBS Innovation Series, developed by Dr Mark Cloney, Professor of Practice in Economics at La Trobe Business School. 

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