Every semester, students enrolled in LBS’ Master of Business Information Management and Systems (MBIMS) get the chance to work on a live project for the subject Business Intelligence Project Analysis and Design (BUS5BPD). This semester, the students, in collaboration with Deloitte, have been undertaking a project for the Worawa Aboriginal College (Worawa). Throughout the semester there were also guest lectures from Apple and SAP.

Site visit to Worawa Aboriginal College

Site visit to Worawa Aboriginal College

Worawa Aboriginal College

Worawa is the only independent Aboriginal community school in Victoria. It is a boarding school catering for young Aboriginal women in the middle years of schooling (Years 7-12) and is located 60 kilometres from Melbourne on 55 hectares in the Yarra Valley, in an area that once formed part of the Coranderkk Aboriginal Station. Worawa was established in 1983 on Aboriginal-owned land, is governed by Aboriginal people and students are from Aboriginal communities across Australia.

Worawa provides a holistic education program integrating education, culture and wellbeing – ensuring students can progress academically, socially, emotionally, culturally and spiritually. The Teaching and Learning Program at Worawa addresses the key leaning areas of mainstream Australian curriculum and takes in to account Aboriginal culture, values, spiritual beliefs and learning styles.

Deloitte & La Trobe Business Intelligence Consulting

Deloitte introduced the project as part of Impact Day, a day where Deloitte staff make a positive contribution to their communities, and which forms part of Deloitte’s inclusion strategy.

Students acted as consultants for a simulated enterprise named La Trobe Business Intelligence Consulting (LBC), under the leadership of the Managing Partners and Directors, Dr Petrus Usmanij and Naren Shanbhaq, who also coordinate the subject.

Worawa Capstone Project

The Worawa Project was aimed at helping to better manage the College for benefits of the Aboriginal community.

At the start of semester, the students met with Worawa’s Executive Director Lois Peeler and Chief Financial Officer Andrew Jans to discuss the requirements of the project. Three key streams were identified for the project: (i) Reporting, (ii) Onboarding and (iii) Rostering, and the student cohort was split into three core groups, one for each stream.

The project involved working alongside staff of Worawa and consultants from Deloitte, SAP and Apple to analyse the requirements for each stream, preparing a plan for execution and developing and testing prototypes.

The Deloitte team coordinated by Lara Long and consisting of Krist Kerkenekov, Anne Madden and Jo Hammett planned, facilitated and gave presentations to help mentor the students in developing their Proof of Concept over the course of the subject. Guest presentations included an expert in design thinking, Susan Brown, SAP representative, Nick Nicoloudis and Apple Representative, Andy Jacobs.

Brainstorming and pitching ideas
Brainstorming and pitching ideas

While working on their projects, there were a few key design principles that had to be followed throughout the engagement with Worawa, including:

  • Connecting with the culture at Worawa by ensuring tasks are completed The Worawa Way.
  • Find cost-effective solutions that are accessible and sustainable now and in the future.
  • Be conscious of Data Privacy and Security.
  • Upholding the Governance of Worawa.

Presentation of solutions

Throughout the semester, students showed great success in addressing the solutions for the three streams. During the remaining weeks of the semester, where they presented Proof of Concepts (PoC) in academic showcase presentations they were acknowledged for their remarkable work by the Deloitte team and Partners.

At the end of the semester, several project teams presented their Business Intelligence Solution designs to the CFO of Worawa, as well as to partners and consultants of Deloitte during the Final and Award Presentation session hosted and sponsored by LBS at the Melbourne Campus in Bundoora. The project teams were also presented with an Award Certificate from Deloitte and Worawa for their innovative, carefully considered and formed solutions.

Representatives from Deloitte and Worawa with LBS students and staff
Representatives from Deloitte and Worawa with LBS students and staff

Phase II of the Worawa Project

BUS5BDP is one of two so-called Twin Capstone MBIMS subjects. This means that BUS5BDP mainly focuses on designing solutions, which will then be further developed and implemented during the follow-up capstone subject called Business Intelligence Project Implementation (BUS5BPI). Hence, next semester the project teams will work towards implementing their solutions for Worawa.