Georgia Le Vagueresse, an LBS student studying Event Management and Marketing, sat down with Business Newsroom to talk about her successful internship at Oh It’s Perfect; a platform for party planners to find, buy and sell lifestyle and party-related products and services.

Georgia attending an exclusive event at Sugar Republic as part of her internship

How did you get your internship?

Initially, I knew I’d have to do my own research and reach out to companies to find something unique and interesting. I was really picky on where I wanted to apply as I truly wanted an all-round experience and not simply be there to fetch a coffee for the employees I was working with.

I found Oh It’s Perfect and sent them an email asking if they had an internship available. I explained that I was studying a Bachelor of Event Management and Marketing, and within a week I got a response asking if I’d like an interview!

It is really beneficial to start looking for an internship early in your degree as it takes a while to look around and find companies. I found it better to find companies that I was interested in and email them directly, rather than looking for an advertisement on Seek for example.

What did your internship involve?

Oh It’s Perfect is an organisation that is run mostly on social media. We provide inspiration for our community of followers by reposting other people’s styled parties on the company’s Instagram page, whilst also writing up blog posts on these parties. This way people who are interested can see the process behind the party and also see the vendors who aided in styling the event. That, in turn, gets the vendors’ business. We also create our own content and style our own shoots to create our own party content to publish.

I was responsible for writing up blog posts about parties submitted to us, but also sending direct messages (DM’s) to people to see if they would like to be featured on our blog. I’d get about 4 blog posts published a week, whilst additionally partially managing the company’s Instagram account.

About a month into my internship I began writing bigger pieces, like doing the write up on our own styled shoots, and I began emailing companies that would like to be featured in our styled shoots. This included sponsors and collaborations with brands.

How did the internship enrich your student experience?

There are so many things I learned. I gained valuable knowledge in my writing skills. I heavily developed a professional persona in how I interact with other businesses, and learnt the legal requirements a business has to go through when collaborating with others. My internship revolved around the marketing side, in particular social media marketing, which has sparked more of an interest to this side of my studying, as well as wanting to pursuit additional study of social media marketing in the future.

What is your next step?

I will be continuing on with Oh It’s Perfect as the Deputy Editor while finishing up my degree in a year’s time. After that, I hope to further my studies, especially in social media marketing.