Scott McKenzie, Chief Executive Officer at SensaData, used the company’s Smart-r-Tag as a case study to explain the digitisation of supply chains and the effect of the IoT on Australia’s food and agribusiness.

About Scott

Scott’s background is in open innovation, design and commercialisation, engineering and project management. He previously led technology development initiatives in diverse fields to deliver the scaling and risk reduction for the transfer of technologies from the laboratory to industry, coordinating research providers and industry groups including multinational OEs.

The Smart-r-Tags

With industry vendors, commentators and researchers advocating IoT adoption across the agriculture and food production sector, it is worth looking to approach implementations in stages with clear objectives and referring to practices, challenges, and outcomes in other domains. Scott explores implementation through the Smart-r-Tag. These tags can be attached to a carton, crate or pallet and will show the product’s location, temperature, surrounding air-quality and handling throughout its transit from supplier to wholesaler, distributor and retailer. Data generated by the system is transferred to cloud systems for generation of knowledge and insights through analytics, and presentation to end users and clients for alerts and reporting.

Please enjoy Scott´s presentation.

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