Cameron Fletcher-0342
By Cameron Fletcher

I studied La Trobe Business School’s Bachelor of Business with a double major in Management and Marketing at the Shepparton Campus of La Trobe University. I chose La Trobe University because I felt that I identify with the LTU Mission statement very strongly, especially in regards to global citizenship and sustainability. I have always been interested in environmental issues and advanced technology. I think we’re living in a very interesting and important point in time. You look around and see all the issues we face in regards to climate change and wonder where we are heading. But also watching the rise of green energy and all the new things people are doing to try to lower our impact and reverse the damage is quite astounding. The car industry in particular I find amazing with the rise of Tesla & Formula E with electric cars and with Formula 1 and Le Mans prototypes now running Hybrids at the same speeds as before. It’s very captivating and I was glad that I had several teachers at La Trobe University who were driven and interested in new ideas, and who also made an effort to include these issues in their teaching content.

I feel like it was this drive that also motivated me and my fellow students to take part in the LTU graduate program as well. I was lucky enough to be in a class that had the right mix of ambitious youngsters looking to start careers and mature age professionals coming back to further their career. In my view, this combination was essential in my learning experience, being able to work in conjunction with people who had industry experience. It definitely led me to meet with the program coordinator, which in turn led to an interview.

So far, the graduate position has been great. I have just finished my first placement in the Digital, ASSC College and Media & Communications team in La Trobe University’s marketing department, and I have just started my second rotation. The way it works is that we spend four months in three departments of La Trobe University, getting a chance to work in several areas which interest us. I have learnt a lot in my first four months working in the programme. I learned technical skills around using Content Management Systems (CMS) during my time in digital marketing, and I refined skills to develop original content and learned how to use a brand writing style when writing for different audiences. Through this, I also became aware of what stakeholder management involves and how I would handle situations where there are a lot of expectations from different parties.

In each team I had an opportunity to work on interesting projects with great people. Some projects I’ve been a part of in my current rotation include the redevelopment of the MBA page, implementation of new content and design for the website, and assisting in the organisation of media projects such as the new Bold Thinking Series. It was fascinating to see these initiatives from a behind-the-scenes perspective, and I have learned a lot about project planning by seeing projects pass through different department before being finalised. It made me realise how important it is to take things slowly. Often you see people fresh into the workforce trying to rush everything, which leads to a lot of unnecessary mistakes. Taking your time, and learning to do things properly, will save you a lot of preventable extra work down the track. It is good to learn the essential skills you need in the position and, over time, the pace you can efficiently work at will increase. My grandfather, who was a builder for most of his life, always used the motto “measure twice, cut one”. This piece of advice has been invaluable to me, and it is something I have always remembered when accessing my work.

I think what’s important in a fulfilling a job is that you don’t feel overwhelmed, and that you have a good team around. A positive environment and having work which provides meaning to you, can make a huge difference in my eyes. If you have these things, I think work can be quite enjoyable, which encourages you to do better.