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LBS is AACSB accredited – What does that mean?

AACSB accredited

What is AACSB?

AACSB International – The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) is a global nonprofit association and the world’s largest business education alliance that connects educators, students, and business. Its vision is to transform business education for global prosperity and create the next generation of great leaders.

AACSB International was founded in 1916 in the US, initially named the Association of Collegiate Schools of Business (ACSB), and currently provides quality assurance, business education intelligence, and professional development services to over 1,500 member organisations and more than 785 accredited business schools worldwide (AACSB, 2019).

AACSB International’s mission is to foster engagement, accelerate innovation, and amplify impact in business education. This mission is aligned with the AACSB accreditation standards for business schools. AACSB strives to continuously improve engagement among business, faculty, institutions, and students, so that business education is aligned with business practice (AACSB Business Standards).

The accreditation process

The AACSB accreditation evaluation is extremely rigorous. There are fifteen standards, built around the three themes of engagement, innovation, and impact, organised into four categories:

  1. Strategic management and innovation: This category includes a clear articulated and distinctive mission; producing high-quality intellectual contributions that impact the theory, practice, and teaching of business and management; and financial strategies to provide resources appropriate to, and sufficient for, achieving its mission and action items.
  2. Participants (students, faculty, and professional staff): This category includes policies and procedures for student admissions, academic progression and supporting career development. In addition, well-documented and well-communicated processes to manage and support faculty members over the progression of their careers and deploys sufficient professional staff to ensure quality outcomes.
  3. Learning and teaching: This category includes well-documented, systematic processes for determining and revising degree program learning goals; designing, delivering, and improving degree program curricula to achieve learning goals. In addition, curriculum content is appropriate to general expectations for the degree program type and learning goals, and the degree program structure and design are appropriate to the level of the degree program and ensure achievement of high-quality learning outcomes.
  4. Academic and professional engagement: This category includes curricula that facilitates student academic and professional engagement appropriate to the degree program type and learning goals, executive education that complements teaching and learning in degree programs and intellectual contributions and lastly, strategically deploying faculty who collectively and individually demonstrate significant academic and professional engagement that sustains the intellectual capital necessary to support high-quality outcomes consistent with the school’s mission and strategies.

Once a school receives the AACSB accreditation, it must undergo re-evaluation every five years.

The world’s highest standard of excellence

AACSB-accredited schools have been proven to provide the best in business education worldwide and are recognised worldwide by top employers and other universities (Best Business Schools, 2019).

“We’re proud that our commitment to excellence has been recognised through accreditation by AACSB International – the highest standard of achievement for business schools worldwide. Only 5% of business schools in the world have earned AACSB accreditation and being recognised as the highest standard of excellence in business education confirms LBS’ place among the world’s leading business schools.

For students this accreditation means they can be confident LBS has the resources, credentials and commitment to prepare them to succeed in a diverse range of fields including accounting, finance, business and commerce. And it reflects our dedication to providing a progressive education that sets students up for career success.”

Professor Jane Hamilton, Dean and Head of La Trobe Business School
AACSB member

Teaching excellence recognised with LTSU Teaching Award

Eshan Arya has been awarded the LTSU Teaching Award 2018. Eshan came to Australia from India and started at La Trobe College  (previously La Trobe Melbourne). He continued studying at La Trobe University and completed a Bachelor in Economics and a Master in International Relations with Honours. He currently is close to completing his PhD at LTU. Business Newsroom sat down with Eshan to ask him about his LTU journey, his teaching career at LBS, and of course the LTSU Teaching Award.


Eshan receiving the LTSU Teaching Award 2018


Congratulations with the LTSU Teaching Award 2018! Can you tell us a little bit more about the award?

The LTSU (La Trobe University Student Union) Teaching Award aims to recognise an academic who has shown exceptional dedication to the student learning experience. Nominations are judged by a selection panel and then, if enough nominations are received, the top five nominees put to an online poll for students to vote. The nominee with the most votes is assessed as the winner.

What is it about your teaching that students love?

I think my students nominated me because I always strive to understand their perspective and do not generalise the overall student community. While I adhere to the rules and regulations, I truly try to understand what each individual is going through in their lives and why their actions are focussed in certain directions.

I am known as a tough marker and have never shown any favouritism and yet my students have been nominating me for three years in a row – this could be for a variety of reasons. I believe apart from innovative teaching, bringing in industry examples, simplifying concepts, getting perks to the classroom and having deep knowledge in the subject, there are other traits that students’ value more which I strive to develop in myself. These traits refer to maintaining a bias free environment in the classroom which is non-judgemental and respectful towards differing opinions. Maintaining a bully free classroom, encouraging students to embrace multiculturalism and to learn from diversity around them.

Apart from business studies and concepts I groom my students to think outside of the box, to respect diverse lifestyle choices of their peers and not to engage in any form of sexism or discriminatory ideas or behaviour. I also challenge my students to push their own boundaries rather than comparing them with their peers. I also go out of the way to answer their doubts and provide them a constructive feedback. I believe the key in my teaching is having a genuine respect for all individuals and their lives and not treating them as a commodity.

Tell us a bit about your longstanding LTU journey

I started my journey in Australia as a student with La Trobe College (LTC). I did a pathway diploma program as my previous degrees were in Physics/Science from India, and I was shifting to business studies. At LTC I met very skilled and student centric teachers. Their approachable nature, knowledge in the subject area along with an engaging teaching style not only harboured my keenness in business studies, but also laid the foundations of my own teaching style later.

Upon finishing the program, I completed my Bachelor in Economics and Master in International Relations with Honours at LTU.  As a student at LTU, I was particularly impressed with the teaching style of Dr. Jan Libich, Dr. David Walker, Dr. Daniel Bray, Dr. Rosemarie Edillon and Dr. Tim Thornton who showed exceptional innovative teaching styles that inspired me. I find the teaching style of my colleague Pablo Ahumada very inspirational too.

I started teaching economics in 2011/12. My lecturers remembered me as a star student: I was best in class, won three Dean’s commendation awards and three La Trobe Gold awards. This definitely worked in my favour when I was looking for teaching opportunities.

Dr. David Walker, Dr. Bret Slade and Dr. Rosemarie Edillon were my first employers. I’m very grateful to them for giving me the opportunity to teach. They believed in me, even though I had no prior teaching experience. I have taught various subjects: States Security & International Relations, Modern World Economy, Business in a Globalised World, Interpersonal skills & conflict management, Foundations of Management, Business Foundations, Big Ideas in Business and Organisational Change & Development. Currently I am teaching various bachelor and master subjects.

You have definitely built a great teaching portfolio at LBS. Besides your PhD and teaching, do you have time for other things?

Besides teaching at LTU, I teach Maths and English to High school students of refugee backgrounds for multiple city councils as a volunteer. I also teach Karate. As a 6th Dan Black Belt I teach Karate and Kickboxing to youth at risk under a special youth engagement program of my local city council.

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