Serena Lee and Geert Hendrix from Farmwall gave a presentation during the 2018 Innovation in Food and Agribusiness Forum (IFAF) showing how their aquaponic vertical garden is turning cities into food producing ecosystems that positively impact the environment and inspire others to do the same.

About Farmwall

Farmwall is an agrifood-tech start-up that designs urban farming technology and experiences to enhance fresh produce accessibility in the city. The company’s flagship product is the Farmwall – a small-scale indoor farm the size of a bookcase that grows and stores microgreens, herbs and leafy greens in a nicely designed natural ecosystem, eliminating packaging waste and food miles. Every Farmwall has a gut made of clay balls, which keeps all the good bacteria in balance and allows the food to grow naturally, without enclosing or sterilising it. There are fish at the bottom of the Farmwall, creating a colourless gas called ammonia. The good bacteria transform this gas into nitrates for the plants. Farmwall leases the infrastructure on an end-to-end service model, based on a monthly subscription.

The Farmwall (Photo by Goodsmiths)
The Farmwall (Photo by Goodsmiths)

Cities that feed our planet

The delivery of sustainability is shifting through the rise of the experience economy, the push for health and wellness within our urban landscape, and innovations in AgTech. In their presentation, Farmwall showcases how a combination of technology and customer service can bring meaningful experiences through food, with positive social and environmental outcomes. The mindset of staying agile and embracing a disruptive business model has brought the start-up one step closer to their vision of creating “cities that feed our planet”.

Please enjoy Farmwall´s presentation.

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