Anahita Amirsardari , PhD Scholarship student at La Trobe Business School (LBS), and  her PhD Supervisor, Professor Alex Maritz recently received  a prestigious international scholarship, funded by the Federal Government of Germany. Referred to as the DAAD project ‘GradUS Global’, the international PhD research exchange program will take place at Saarland University in Southern Germany. This research program aims to support international mobility, cooperation and exchange between La Trobe University, Saarland University and the German Higher Degree Research Ecosystem.

This is a unique opportunity as this program involves both Professor (supervisor) and PhD student as part of the research exchange, in order to integrate transdisciplinary competencies with supervisors and students in the field of Entrepreneurship & Innovation between LTU and Saarland University. This opportunity also allows enhancing research scholarship experience and networks, through connecting supervisors and students between LTU and Saarland University.

Furthermore, Professor Alex Maritz will provide insights on contemporary issues of entrepreneurship research, including:

  • Recent Developments in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research for PhD Students: How to Publish
  • Fostering Meaningful Collaboration between Supervisors, Professors and Researchers

This joint international collaboration between the PhD Students at LTU and Saarland University will also lead to research cooperation on Ana Amirsardari’s investigation of the relation between entrepreneurial intentions and entrepreneurial behaviour in the context of new venture creation.

The exchange program will further enhance research and engagement cooperation and collaboration between La Trobe Business School and Saarland University.