By Suzanne O’Keefe

What does the ideal lecturer look like? What important attributes and skills does she possess? How does he motivate and engage students?   Around 60 LBS teaching staff- continuing and sessional, engaged with these questions at a workshop run by Dr Phil Kim from Babson College, Boston on 5th and 6th December.

Babson College is a global authority in entrepreneurship education and aspires to increase an institution’s capacity and capability to deliver high-quality, action-based learning. Their Professional Development is anchored by Babson’s Entrepreneurial Thought & Action framework, which seeks to empower staff to embrace a mindset for experimentation and constant pedagogical innovation in their own professional development.

In the LEAP workshop, participants built a prototype of the ideal lecturer and spent two days examining various ways to improve student engagement in our classrooms.  This involved understanding the challenges we face in our classes, and then working on techniques to improve the learning outcomes for our students.  The workshop was very fast paced and hands on, with participants working in small groups on various challenges.  Dr Kim was a very skilled facilitator who kept us all engaged.  It was particularly refreshing for continuing to work with our sessional and teaching team colleagues to be able to work together in this learning environment.  As a result, many participants are now working to include some of the innovations into their teaching in 2017.