Earlier this week, it was announced by the Mildura Development Corporation that LBS Professor of Practice Antony Jacobson was appointed as a judge on the judging panel of the Mildura Innovation Awards.

As a highly accomplished global business and brand strategist, entrepreneur and industry commentator with extensive global experience, Professor of Practice Antony Jacobson will bring a wealth of experience to the panel. “Awards such as these focus on the need for an entrepreneurial and innovative culture in all industries and all geographic regions”, Professor of Practice Jacobson commented. “Whether you are a farmer, doctor or business strategist, being able to recognise the need to introduce something new or to re-introduce something that’s been done before in a better way is essential in today’s world. Having an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset is crucial, no matter what industry you work in.”

The 2016 ANZ Sunraysia Daily Mildura Innovation Awards aim to encourage businesses and organisations to use this entrepreneurial and innovative mindset by showcasing new ideas, dynamic products or improved services in the region. The initiative communicates the importance of embracing an innovative culture to others and promotes a positive outlook for the future of regional Victoria. By doing this, Mildura Innovation wants to recognise everyday innovators and stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship across the region.

Professor of Practice Antony Jacobson was positive about his appointment as a judge. “I am very pleased to be supporting Entrepreneurship and Innovation in regional Victoria.” He said. “It is wonderful that La Trobe Business School’s strong entrepreneurial focus and credentials are being recognised and sought after, as well as my own.”

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