By Dr Sajad Fajezi

The Conference

The 76th Annual meeting of the Academy of Management was held in Anaheim, California from 5-8 August this year. The world’s premier conference for the management discipline attracted over 10,000 scholars from all over the world, with over 2,500 sessions and activities to choose from.

This year, four LBS management academics attended the conference and their participation ranged from chairing symposia, and attending professional development workshops, through to presenting their research at paper sessions.

The Participants

In line with this year’s theme, ‘making organisations meaningful’, Associate Professor Suzanne Young presented her research on corporate governance, health governance and corporate reputation and legitimacy management. Dr Jennifer Spoor and Dr Jillian Cavanagh chaired a symposium entitled ‘Supporting Employment Outcomes for Individuals with a Disability’. Dr Sajad Fayezi presented a paper on flexible and sustainable procurement, and Dr Swati Nagpal presented her research undertaken with three other LBS academics into corporate reputation and legitimacy management.

The Hallmarks

As one of the largest gatherings of management scholars, Academy of Management is comprised of 25 management disciplines represented by Divisions and Interest Groups. LBS staff have showcased their work across such divisions as Social Issues in Management (SIM), Health Care Management (HCM), Operations Management (OM) and Human Resources (HR). Through active engagement, LBS management academics have been able to discuss a number collaborative projects with some of the pioneering researchers in their respective areas of interest. Participating in various events associated with meeting editors of the leading management journals was another hallmark of this truly international forum. By way of example, the Operations Management Division had organised various sessions to meet editors and associate editors of Journal of Operations Management, Journal of Supply Chain Management, Journal of Business Logistics and Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management.

The Benefits

All in all, the conference has significantly contributed to further development and dissemination of the research undertaken by LBS academics with the ultimate goal that it will be published in some of the most prestigious journals of their respective management discipline. This will contribute to the international reputation of LBS, its research quality as well as visibility and can create new opportunities for international and multidisciplinary collaboration to address some of the pressing business and management issues of our time.

The Papers

Paper Session: Corporate Governance perspectives and CSR: Issues for Stakeholder Management

Author: Magalie Marais, Montpellier Business School
Author: Suzanne Young, La Trobe Business School

Paper Session: Backsourcing in Public Health: Towards a Model of Analysis

Author: Suzanne Young, La Trobe Business School
Author: Manuela M Macinati, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart 

Paper Session: Flexibility and Sustainability Priorities in Procurement: Practices, Relationships and Trade-Offs

Author:  Sajad Fayezi, La Trobe Business School 

Paper Session: CSR and social risk: from risk minimization to risk sharing

 Author: Swati Nagpal, La Trobe Business School
 Author: Suzanne Young, La Trobe Business School
 Author: Geoffrey Durden, La Trobe Business School
 Author: Timothy Marjoribanks, La Trobe Business School 

Symposium: Supporting Employment Outcomes for Individuals with a Disability

Chair: Jennifer R. Spoor, La Trobe Business School

Contact Chair: Jillian Cavanagh, La Trobe Business School

For further information, please contact the relevant LBS academic directly.