Donna Burnett

La Trobe Business School would like to warmly congratulate LBS School Manager Ms Donna Burnett, who was recently officially appointed as a fellow by the Association of Tertiary Education Management.

The Fellow status is awarded to members who have been working in tertiary education administration and management for at least eight years, and have held a senior role demonstrating strategic management and leadership for a minimum of two years. Leadership and service to the tertiary education community over at least five years must also be demonstrated.

“I am passionate about Professional Development opportunities for staff, Ms Donna Burnett said, “I also subscribe to ATEM’s mantra stating that tertiary administrators and managers are people who make a vital contribution to the central aims of their institutions.”

The award of ATEM Fellow recognises members who have pursued their professional development and helped to improve professional practice. The award of Fellow represents the culmination of a sustained period of commitment to the profession and reflects the superior level of achievement in both professional practice and professional development of the member.

Currently, Ms Donna Burnett is the only La Trobe University Staff Member to have to the ATEM Fellow status. “I am truly honoured to have Fellow status in an association that promotes and believes in the worth and value of the profession of tertiary administration and management,” she said.