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Month: June 2016

LBS’s Professor of Practice Catherine Ordway on Doping in Light of the upcoming Rio Olympics

CO ABC TV News 26 May 2016

With less than two months to go until the 2016 Rio Olympics, Russian athletes who tested positive to illicit substances in the lead up to the Beijing Olympics have been banned from competing. La Trobe Business School Professor of Practice Catherine Ordway discussed these recent developments on BBC World Radio’s Newsday on Tuesday 21 June 2016.

Last month, Professor of Practice Ordway also spoke about the current state of doping amongst Olympic athletes during an interview on Radio National, as well as during a  recent television appearance on ABC’s The World. Catherine was interviewed by Beverly O’Connor about the concerns going into the Rio games and about the difficulty of monitoring cheating. She notes that this is due to “athletes now using a whole range of experimental drugs, none of which have been permitted for human use”. As such, it is “difficult for the World Anti-Doping Agency to get proper verified studies done in order that they be robust enough to stand up in the Court of Arbitration for Sport”.

Professor of Practice Ordway was also interviewed on ABC’s The World Today, where she explained that the world is currently waiting anxiously to find out which athletes may be banned from the Rio games and if any Australians will be caught in the crossfire.

Associate Professor Suzanne Young on fossil fuel divestment.

Dr Suzanne Young La Trobe Business School La trobe Management Head of Department Marketing Management

Recently, LBS’s Associate Professor Suzanne Young, Head of Department of Management and Marketing, published an article on The Conversation, titled “La Trobe University’s fossil fuel divestment: a small, but significant step”.

In the article, Suzanne Young comments on how La Trobe University becoming the first Australian university to commit to full fossil fuel divestment affects the university as an organisation, and what other Australian universities can do and have done for the environment in the past.

To read the full article, please visit The Conversation website.

La Trobe University & Carlton Football Club join forces for a unique partnership


La Trobe University is pleased to announce a partnership with Carlton Football Club, focusing on a range of initiatives including collaborative research, student internships, professional development, and school and community outreach programs. Professor Russell Hoye, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research Development) & Director, La Trobe Sport, and Professor in La Trobe Business School, signed the paperwork with Carlton CEO Steven Trigg last week.

“This partnership is a wonderful opportunity for us to share our sporting research knowledge in a practical, ongoing way,” Professor Hoye said

To read the full announcement, please refer to official Carlton Football Club website.

LBS Professor of Practice Profiles – Susan Inglis: “I’m passionate about helping others to more effectively lead and manage people.”

Susan Inglis Professors of Practice

Since early 2015, La Trobe has introduced a team of Professors of Practice. As one of the first Business Schools in Australia to pioneer this concept, LBS is hoping that it will provide their students with the insight into the industry they need, and form a bridge between connections in the industry and LTU Business Students.

Susan Inglis started as a Professor of Practice last June, but has been teaching at La Trobe University since 2013. Coming from a HR consulting background, Susan has worked for small business, government agencies, and the non-profit sector.

“I really enjoy having colleagues to collaborate with,” she says. “Before I started in this role, I worked mostly on my own on specific projects. Here we have the opportunity to collectively work together as a team to improve both student outcomes and relationships with industry.”

At La Trobe Business School, Susan currently teaches in the MBA programme, focussing on leadership and management. She has also taught these MBA courses in Hanoi, Vietnam.

“I’m passionate about helping others to more effectively lead and manage people.” Susan Inglis says. “This includes bringing out the best in individual capabilities and also teaching students how to maximise group cooperation. In my twenty years of consulting experience and in my doctoral research, I’ve recognised the criticality of explicit collaboration processes in the workforce. It’s incredibly valuable if managers understand individual motivators and strengths to bring out people’s best capabilities.”

In her teaching, Susan Inglis makes an effort to provide students with real-life experience so they can apply theory to their current professional careers: “In teaching conflict-management, for example, students are asked to look at a conflict present in their own work life, and apply a conflict-resolution strategies to themselves directly.” The results are often enlightening: “A lot of my students reach a true “aha” moment through this authentic assessment. Undoubtedly because it impacts them so intensely and directly.”

In her eyes, providing Business School students with this type of experience is exactly what a Professor of Practice should do: “Not only should we provide students with the ability to be self-aware, we should also equip them with the tools they need to be responsible leaders in the work-force, recognising the important influencing role they can play beyond their work roles.”

“This is where Professors of Practice are incredibly valuable,” she adds. “These people are highly experienced and can provide an invaluable real-life perspective to complement the theories being taught. They have worked as managers, led teams, and displayed a degree of entrepreneurship that can be enormously helpful and inspirational to students.”

LBS Yunus Centre’s Social Business Symposium now open for registration!

Dialogue in the Dark Andreas Heinecke
La Trobe Business School’s Yunus Social Business Centre
is preparing for its Social Business Symposium to be held 19 and 20 August, 2016, in TLC Lecture Theatre 115,  at La Trobe University’s Melbourne Campus.

The Keynote Address will be given by Dr Andreas Heinecke, Founder of Dialogue in the Dark Social Business Franchise. Since its first opening in 1988 over six million visitors from more than 25 countries have experienced Dialogue in the Dark, which has provided jobs for over 6,000 for blind or low-sighted people.

Registration is now open and is free to Staff and Students of La Trobe University (Booking is required for catering purposes).

The Call for Papers and Case Studies has been extended to 20 June by popular request.

La Trobe students ‘stand out’ through Vicsport


Vicsport offered students unique insights into the Victorian sport industry through its event ‘Standing Out From The Crowd’ at La Trobe’s Bundoora campus on Monday 16 May. This was organised in partnership with Pam Kappelides, Practicum Coordinator for Sport Management (Bundoora and Bendigo Campuses).

The presentation provided La Trobe third-year sports management students the chance to hear from a panel of four knowledgeable speakers from the Vicsport Professional Network (VPN). The panel was attended by 80 students.

Students were first given four 10-minute lectures from Alexis Carydis (Graduate of Sport Management Program 2 years ago/National Pathway Coordinator, Netball Australia), Bronwyn Madigan (Owner/Director, Event Dynamix), Grant Cosgriff (Executive Director, Triathlon Victoria) and Angelique Lele (Operations Manager, Sportspeople) who stressed the importance of upskilling, teamwork and networking when entering the workforce.

The audience was then broken into four groups for individual workshops, led by the speakers, who discussed valuable pointers aimed at maximising the students employment chances following the completion of their degrees.

The panel was then available for questions and networking following the session to provide further insightful industry knowledge and answer any specific queries the students had. Lecturer for Sport Management at La Trobe, Pam Kappelides, said events like “Standing Out From the Crowd” allow her students to gain ‘real life examples’ from people working in the field. “Bringing people out to students, who are currently in the industry makes them start to think like graduates rather than students,” she said.

“It makes them realise they need to start thinking about how they’ll go about getting jobs.”

“Vicsport gives them an edge because not every degree does this… La Trobe students get exclusive access to these events to expand their skills and knowledge.”

The VPN is a membership program that provides professional sport development and networking opportunities specifically for Sports Administrators. Vicsport are one of many organisations who have sport partnerships with La Trobe University, aimed at creating meaningful educational, research, social and community outcomes through sport.

Watch the highlights from the speakers’ presentations in the clip below:

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